Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've tried this blogging thing before. It always sounds like a good idea - a place to rave about all things raveworthy and rant about all things rantworthy. A place to let everyone know all of the exciting details of my life like how I filed my nails the other day. Yep, that was exciting. But..then I get distracted and the blog dies out for lack of updates.

A few things have happened, however, that make me want to give this another try. First, I'm reading blogs more often these days as I seek to ignore the ever growing pile of work on my desk. Apparently I enjoy reading about when others do important things like file their nails and who am I to deprive the world of these exciting events in my life. Second, I've had a few more things happening in my life of late (new house, new job, upcoming wedding) which gives me slightly more things to post about on said blog. And, perhaps more importantly, I'm the youngest of a large family and, being the youngest, I should be more technologically inclined than those old farts. BUT, two sibs and now my own mother have beaten me into this blogging game and, given my competitive nature, that just can't happen. Sooo.. I give you bloggage.

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