Thursday, March 20, 2008

First spring

This is my first spring in a house with a backyard and, despite my heretofore complete inability to keep a plant alive, I've decided to start a garden. I'm starting small at first and sticking to pots so as to not spend too much time building something huge in which these poor plants can die. Hopefully I'll develop some skillz this spring or next and be able to just pop out to the backyard for salad materials. I've started with green and red peppers, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, basil and strawberries and placed them along the small strip of land that consistently gets sun in my backyard. The lettuce in particular is looking pretty tasty.

One of my (many) sisters warned me that I'll need to get netting to keep the birds away from my strawberries. That advice is likely more necessary than she even realized as we have some pretty badass birds that visit our yard. This red shouldered hawk was grabbing grass clippings about 4 feet away from Mr Toybox as he had the lawnmower running. He doesn't look even a little concerned.

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Michelle said...

I realize that this comment may come a little late, but a bird of prey poses no threat to your strawberries (unless it is some bizzare berry-eating bird-of-prey that I am unfamilliar with). More likely, your bird-of-prey will help protect your strawberries.